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This month was a rather happy month for me. A lot of great things have happened in every segment of my life. My prom was a little more than two weeks ago, so I had to buy a lot of makeup to look my absolute best. Instead of wasting my money and paying someone to do my makeup, like every other girl did, I decided to do my own (with a little help of my sister in-law). I got so many great (some not so great) products at a very great price, so I have to say I was very delighted.
I will start with the products I got from Avon. I must say that I was not too thrilled when I found out that this lipstick was not the same color like the one in catalog. I ordered 'red vixen', because in catalog it was fiery red and I was so excited to finally get it and when my order arrived the label said it was 'red vixen', but the color is nothing like the one in catalog. The disappointment was indescribable. It is more of bordeaux red than it is actual red. It was not too expensive, being around 4 euros at the time. I was not too pleased with the mascara either. The brush is nothing like it was in the catalog and it connects eyelashes and makes them look ugly. Since I was overflowing with disappointment, I was expecting the same from this foundation. Let me tell you just one thing - IT IS AMAZING! It helps me get rid of the glowy skin, which, to be honest, annoys me so much, especially in the summertime. This is the lightest shade possible - 'ivory', but it is still a bit too dark for my skin, because I have really fair skin, but I can make it work. And last, but not least, the nail polish. Generally, every single nail polish I buy at Avon turns out to be great, and so was this one. This color is called 'mambo melon' and it literally dries so quickly that I could not believe it. If you are in a hurry and do not have time for waiting for your nail polish to dry, this is the choice for you. They have loads of other colors you can choose from and I will definitely buy some more.
Another two products from Avon I was happy to have gotten. Their ColorTrend products are extremely cheap, but are incredible! I have used these two so many times since I got them and the color is so long-lasting you will not even have to re-apply. Definitely looking forward to buying more of these.
A few other things I am glad to have gotten are two Rimmel's mascaras. Never have I ever been so pleased with a mascara, like I was when I first tried 'Scandal Eyes' in extreme black. The lashes come out looking so big, even if you have shorter lashes, like I do and it is definitely one of those things I will repurchase forever. Extra WOW Lash mascara, also by Rimmel is a great mascara, but I would never choose it over the one previously stated. Continuing with Rimmel's products... The 'Hide the Blemish Concealer' is great for covering up pimples and it really does the work. Next up is the blush '080 Bronze', it is great when you do not go overboard with it, like some people do. If you do so, your face will turn out to be orange and that is not a pretty thing to see. And last one of Rimmel's products is the lipliner in shade '071 Cherry Kiss'. It really is as long-lasting as its name says it is. I have also gotten the eyebrow fillers by Essence and I am really glad I have, because the lighter shade matches my actual eyebrow color, but you can actually mix these two and create the shade of the brown you prefer. The blush brush is also from Essence and I am very satisfied. The last thing I have bought, which I have presumed I will no longer be needing, but was completely wrong about, is the BB Cream by Garnier. It is my most favorite BB Cream on the market. It matches my skin tone, it is light and is not sticky, like some are. If you do not want to put on foundation during summer, I definitely recommend using this BB Cream. It is among my most favorite products I have ever used.

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  1. Great picks!!! I love the essence eyebrow kit, I use it everyday :)

    Style and Paper

  2. I ja koristim ovo rumenilo i super je, baš neutralno lijepa boja breskve.. Dobrodošla :)


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