Diamonds are a girl's best friend

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Aren't diamonds among some of the best things in the world? Anyone who says otherwise is probably lying. I mean, let's be real here... Who wouldn't want at least a single piece of jewelry with a large shiny stone? I know I would... And most of you would too (I'm almost one hundred percent sure). I present to you, a fine jewelry manufacturer. Not only do they have so many fantastic jewelry pieces, but you're able to customize your very own piece, whether it be a bracelet, a ring, a necklace or earrings. You can choose what metal you want your jewelry to be made of, what stones you want to be used... You can make them unique and well... your own! Since I'm a massive fan of bracelets, I must admit that my favorite part of their store is in fact the bracelet section, where they offer fantastic Diamond Tennis Bracelets. There's something for everyone and everyone's taste. I created a few looks that I think would look great with a piece from their collections.

1. Shirt dress // 2. Over-the-knee boots // 3. Hat // 4. Chanel bag // 5. Bracelet
This just might be my favorite look, as it's so simple yet so chic! I also love it because of the over-the-knee boots which are a huge trend for this season and I think they look incredible paired with a plain white shirt dress and a black hat. I didn't want to go over the top with jewelry as this bracelet is so stunning.

1. Blouse // 2. Ripped skinny jeans // 3. Leather jacket // 4. Givenchy Antigona bag // 5. Sunglasses // 6. Christian Louboutin pumps // 7. Bracelet
I absolutely love this outfit idea and would love to wear something like this or something very similar. First of all, it's somehow effortless, yet very classy and chic. I love the combination of this blouse with a pair of ripped skinny jeans. Oh, and don't even get me started with that leather jacket! Since this outfit is somehow richer and has many more pieces, I decided to go for a slightly smaller, yet still a very shiny bracelet! I think it would look perfect with a pair of Louboutins and a Givenchy Antigona bag.

1. Crop top // 2. Skirt // 3. YSL clutch // 4. High heel sandals // 5. Sunglasses // 6. Bracelet // 7. Earrings
This is a more dressy outfit. I called this outfit simply 'Luxe' as it seems really elegant and luxurious thanks to this fabulous skirt and the black high heel sandals. The crop top gives a bit of an edgier look to it. When it comes to the jewelry I chose the gorgeous gold diamond bracelet and gold diamond earrings which match the entire outfit perfectly.

I strongly recommend this website if you're looking for fine jewelry, as they offer free shipping, have many great designs to choose from, and if you're by any means unsatisfied with their product (which is near to impossible), you have 30-day return policy. Also, I would love to know what your thoughts on this website are and what is your favorite outfit out of these three. (*)

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  1. Great outfits! I would love a diamond tennis bracelet!

  2. Amazing sets, I love them all!!!
    Happy new week!
    Kisses, love Paola.


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  3. Utter elegance. I love the looks you have created and the jewellery designs are gorgeous! <3
    xoxo, | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog 

  4. These are so pretty. I actually own quite a bit of jewellery but never really wear all that much!

  5. My favorite is the last one, very chic!

  6. Diamonds really are a girls best friend. I love diamonds, so pretty!

  7. Wow, stunning pieces. *__*
    Have a nice week...

  8. Mi piacciono molto il numero 1 ed il numero 2, li trovo molto particolari e stupendi i gioielli!

  9. That last outfit with the bracelet is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing this line. :)

  10. Amazing outfit and jewelry. Thanks for sharing and check out the latest sunglasses giveaway.

    Eye See Euphoria :

  11. I love the outfits. The second one is my favorite!

  12. Such gorgeous, sparkly pieces! I love the way you styled looks around them. :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  13. Very lovely post as usual. Hope you have an awesome day ahead! xx


  14. Great post! I love the boot and tunic look too!

    xx Cara

  15. Gorgeous! I feel like we try to stay on trend so much we forget about the classics. I definitely love all of these.

    - Sarah :)

  16. I adore look #1 #2 #3
    Amazing <3

  17. #2 and #3 looooove it

  18. I could use these diamonds in my life

  19. That's so cool that you could customize those bracelets! I love outfit #1!


  20. You have styled such a gorgeous outfits with these classic jewelry pieces.

    xoxo Ra

  21. Wow i fell in love with the last set! Great post, i really love diamond jewelry!

  22. It's literally so hard to choose a favourite they're all so fabulous!! Xx

    Shoes & Roses

  23. Oh yes they are !! Love all your looks here, especially the first one !


  24. Looks so cool baby!

    There's a new outfit online, I'm waiting for you!

    (Login in BUZZOOLE , and win a GOPRO3)

  25. Definitely some gorgeous, chic pieces here. I really like both looks #2 & #3. They're eye-catching & beautiful. Love the skirt in #3! :] // ☼ ☯

  26. Lovely inspiration! #1 And #2 would absolutely be my thing :)


    L'amour De Juliette | Leather Cape

  27. I want those boots!! Unreal
    Martina x


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