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It's been quite some time since I made a post similar to this and I decided to finally do it. Just to clarify things at the very beginning, I'm not claiming to be a beauty guru nor an expert on anything related to makeup and beauty products; everything is based on my personal opinion and my opinion doesn't necessarily have to be correct. Since I've gotten a whole bunch of things, I wanted to share them with you on the blog and tell you what I think of the products so far... Well, at least of those I've had time to use. I always enjoy using Avon products and I love browsing through their catalogs and deciding what I want to get. Most of the times they have incredible offers you just can't say no to and that's how I usually end up getting so much stuff. Even though I did order some things that just didn't suit me in the past, I still keep ordering because I genuinely do love most of the stuff I order.

When it comes to these products, I've been using three of these for a very long time and I must say that I'm more than satisfied with what they do to my hair. The Leave-in treatment with argan oil has a very thick consistency and leaves hair feeling very smooth. The Dry ends serum is just as good as the aforementioned leave-in treatment and I usually tend to apply both of these at the ends of my hair. The third one is the Leave-in treatment with arginine and keratin proteins, which I've also been using for a very long time and it has the thickest consistency of them all and is rather creamy, whereas the other two are basically oils. The newest member to my regular hair-care routine is the new Advance Techniques Supreme Oils spray and I've used it only once until now, but I'm loving how smooth my hair gets after using it.

I'm usually not the biggest fan of just about any body scrub, but I'm absolutely obsessed with the somewhat exotic smell of both the scrub and the face mask. They both leave skin feeling soft and smell incredibly good.

I'm a sucker for both lip balms and hand moisturizer and I always have to carry them with me. These two came just in time for spring and I'm obsessed with the floral scent (the utterly cute packaging as well).

I'm just as obsessed with Big & Daring Volume Mascara, which I can quite easily start calling my favorite mascara. I still haven't tried the Super Shock Mascara (I haven't even unpacked it), but if it's near as good as Super Shock Max, I'll be more than pleased with it. The liquid concealer I got is a bit too dark for my skin tone, even though I ordered the lightest one, so I'm pretty sure I will not be using it anytime soon (or at all, to be perfectly honest). The eyeliner is great, but I'm a klutz when it comes to applying it. When it comes to the eye make up remover, I've been using it for a long time and it's just one of the products I repurchased.

When it comes to me describing scents, let me tell you - I completely suck! I literally can't distinguish the smells in fragrances, or anything else for that matter... I can only tell if it's good or bad and all of these are AH-MAZING! My favorite out of all these is by far Incadessence. Not only does it smell incredible, but is extremely long-lasting and it is really light, which is just what I love.

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  1. Wow!
    That's a pretty epic haul. I'm jealous, I haven't got to order Avon since I moved job. You're making me miss it!
    ♥ Fran - www.frannymac.com xx

  2. that's a lot of products! bet you're happy :D


  3. Oh wow it really was a splurge! I haven't bought avon in years but seems like they have some great products - need to check them out!

    Gabby xo

    Blog - What She Buys / Instagram / Twitter

  4. Such a great collecion of makeup, Lucky girl !

  5. Great products:) I like cosmetics with Avon:)

  6. Amazing products and review! The Big and Daring mascara sounds ideal for my thin lashes! : )xo~ Lena

  7. wow you really did splurge! I would love to try Avon

  8. I love Avon, I am having to ban myself from ordering anything at the moment as saving for holiday and flat but its sooo hard. I like Little Black Dress fragrance. I find the colours of their nail varnishes a bit hit and miss though or maybe I am just spoilt with my collection of Nails Inc ones :/ xxx

  9. wow.. what a haul!! the fragrances look great!

    Animated Confessions

  10. Wow! That's a lot of products! Great post! :)

    April of: https://beybiapril.wordpress.com
    Instagram: @beybiapril

  11. Amazing selection!

  12. wow what a great haul! looks like Avon has a lot of good stuff!


  13. I seen all of those perfumes in the AVON book and wanted to try them, they all seem like they would smell so good :)


  14. What an amazing haul! I havent used Avon in years, I need to check them out again!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  15. That's quite a haul! It looks lovely and Avon is such an amazing yet affordable brand. Too bad I can't find it here in Dubai.


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    You have a nice blog :)
    Do you want to follow each other? :)
    Kisses ! <3
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  17. That's one incredible haul, I can't say I've ever purchased from Avon before.. but never say never! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


  18. I loved Avon years ago and I might have to look for some of these myself! What a great haul! x x


  19. Great products selection. Thank you for sharing!

  20. Love these products so much!
    Check mine


  21. Yayyyy! Love a good beauty splurge. :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  22. Great picks! HAPPY Thursday!




  23. This looks like a fantastic splurge to me!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  24. great post, these products is very perfects!

  25. Hi dear and thank you for stopping at my blog!!! So interesting products....I'm not a very expert of make-up. I totally agree with your words: "everything is based on my personal opinion and my opinion doesn't necessarily have to be correct".... Have a nice day, kisses from Italy,

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  26. i love avon

  27. i love light perfumes that are long lasting as well! :) great collection of items, thanks for sharing x

  28. great haul! I love the Avon magazine


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