One-year anniversary

10:00:00 PM

I'm sitting here, thinking of all the things I should write, but I'm beyond excited because I cannot believe it's already been a year since I decided to began doing this thing which started out as nothing but a hobby and is slowly starting to turn into something more. Words can't even begin to describe how nervous I had been before I opened my blog, because I was thinking of all the things people would judge me for instead of all the things that would make me happy while doing this. To be perfectly honest, I never thought I'd be doing this for this long, because I'm one of those people who don't really want to get attached to anything and to think that I've been doing the same thing for one year straight proves me that I'm obviously changing... Or it might be the fact that I've become emotionally attached to my blog. Either way, I'm more than happy that I did decide to start writing my blog, because not only did I meet so many incredible people, but I've peeped into this crazy, hectic world of fashion blogging, which was something totally unknown to me at the very beginning. I'm still trying to put everything into words, which, truth be told, is near to impossible, because what I'm feeling right now is hard to explain. To celebrate this day, I decided to make somewhat of a compilation of all my favorite outfits since the very beginning of my journey.

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  1. Yay congrats on your one year!!! Mine is in four days :)


  2. Sretna godisnjica!! Super su kombinacije, samo nastavi!

  3. Awe congrats doll! It is crazy how fast time flies! I hope your next year of blogging is just as great x


  4. Stunning looks, love your style. *__*
    New post is online..

  5. Happy one year!
    Melanie @

  6. Happy one year anniversary! Stay fabulous as always. Looking forward to more posts!

    Jessica |

  7. Congrats on one year! Cheers to many more. :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  8. Srecna godisnjica. Zelim ti jos mnogo uspesnih godina blogovanja. Samo napred.

    March and May

  9. Čestitam na godišnjici draga Hana! Želim ti još puno uspješnih postova!

  10. Čestitam na godišnjici draga Hana! Želim ti još puno uspješnih postova!

  11. Great look! Love your blog, keep up the good work :)

    Check out my tips for minimalist style
    Michaella from

  12. Great photos!

    Please click on my post's link

  13. This is an inspiring post, it's great to see other bloggers succeed! Great work, continue doing what you're doing girl x

  14. Awe yay! Happy Anniversary

  15. Oh wow, congratulations Hana! That collage is magical; look at how much you've evolved! Here's to more years on the blog! <3

    May x • THE MAYDEN

  16. I'm celebrating my first on Monday :)) Well, but you did a much harder work then me. A did not have a lot time in the beginning! Great post! Love it!


  17. Hey Hana, happy anniversary!! I love your blog <3 thank you for your comment, I've deleted it accidentally :( but I had read it. Wishing all the best for your blog for next year !!

  18. Happy anniversary! Your blog is amazing, keep it up gal xx
    Shirley | Shades of Shirley | Bloglovin'

  19. Congratulation on one year. Keep on a great work. I only just discovered your blog, but you haveee great style, so I'd love to see more.


  20. Oh congratulations sweetie
    My best wishes for you
    Gorgeous outfits

  21. Woooo, happy first birthday to your dear blog! :-) Isn't it amazing to look back and see everything you have accomplished within the past year? And judging by your lovely outfits, I see you've evolved so much!

    I was totally in the same boat and was scare of others judging me when I started my blog. Strangely enough, running my blog actually made me more confident in the end, and now I really don't care if others continue to judge! ;)

    Kelsey ✖ RUNAWAY IN LA

  22. Congrats on your 1st year of blogging, I really like your collage, dear :)

  23. Congratulations my dear! Happy birthday to your blog!
    Now I sent an invitation to Tsu, it is a new social really interesting. I hope you accept.
    Kisses from Italy and thank you for stopping at my blog,

    Eniwhere Fashion

  24. I see that you have a great blog. Happy anniversary!


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