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After a month of intensive use, I'm finally ready to write a review about The Envy Blowdry set, which I received through The Blogger Programme. I was honestly a little sceptical when I first started using these, because I'm never really completely pleased with my hair, apart from when I get it done at a professional hair salon, but let me tell you one thing - this really does wonders to your hair! I have natural hair, which has never been dyed (apart from that one time I did ombre 4 years ago and couldn't wait to cut that horror off), so it's pretty healthy and without many damages, but it does tend to get a little wild on occasions, so I figured that I wouldn't see any changes... I most definitely did. Even though my hair had that natural shine to it, it got even more shinier and smoother after just one use of The Blowdry Set, about which I'll tell you more below. In case you decide to give this fantastic set a try, you can use the code BLOG40 at the checkout for 40% off by the end of March at EnvyPro.co.uk.

The first step to The Blowdry Set is the Dual Fix foam, which you apply prior to washing your hair. Dual Fix should be applied generously from roots to ends and then dried with a blowdryer until completely dry, after which you rinse it off with the shampoo from the set.

Although I have to admit that I wasn't the biggest fan of the somewhat herbal smell of the shampoo at the beginning, I ended up enjoying it later. Considering the fact that my hair usually gets greasy after the use of my regular shampoo, I was very pleased to find out that this shampoo is indeed for all hair types. Now we've come to my favorite part - the conditioner. My hair used to be impossible to comb through after washing without putting in extra effort and suffering some pain, but after using this conditioner, the brush literally flows through my hair without a single tangle. If that isn't the best feeling, I don't know what is.

Like I mentioned before, the only thing I didn't really like about these products was the smell, because I'm not used to the herbal scents, but once you get past that, these really are incredible products everyone should give a try.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this set! Your hair looks amazing so I might need to check this out.


  2. Cula sam za njih,set mi se bas svidja,a vidim da ti je kosa bas dobro reagovala na njihove proizvode.


  3. looks amazing !
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  4. Sounds like great products !! Maybe I'll try them :)


  5. Looks like some great products!

    Mary Kate

  6. Izgledaju kao odlicni produkti. Posebno sto imas divnu kosu, i ako je tebi poboljsalo izgled onda ne sumnjam da ce svima pomoci.

    March and May

  7. Sounds great! Wonderful.

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  8. Looks like this product is an effective one. :)

    SHAIRA // Dentistry Night 2016


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