Ain't about the bling

2:14:00 PM

Let's be real here, it's all about the bling, but it's not all about having the most expensive bling, ya feel me? Honestly, there's no better feeling than finding the perfect accessories for yourself at a super affordable price... Well, at least for me. I've been obsessing over chokers over the past few months and I keep getting more and more of them. The last ones I've gotten were two chokers from Born Pretty Store. I seriously have so much love for their jewelry as it's really affordable and always on trend. I also got the cutest little set of rings, a golden necklace and a fluffy key chain I need to get in every single color, because I'm too obsessed with them as well. The direct links to the products are below the photos and just in case you decide to buy something at Born Pretty Store, make sure to use the code 'HBT10' to get 10% off on all purchases!

Rings (click here)
Golden necklace (click here)
Fluffy key chain (click here)
Choker (click here)
String choker (click here)

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