As I always loved fashion and dressing up, I wanted to open a blog about my personal style for a very long time. At first, I did not have enough courage to do such thing, because I did not know what reactions I would get from my friends and people I am acquaintances with. It took me two years to finally get over my fear of rejection and to stop paying attention to what people might think of me, so I ended up opening Trend Galore on June 24, 2014.

I remember sitting in my room all alone in the middle of a hot summer day, deciding on whether I should or should not open my blog. I consulted a few of my very close friends who all had very positive reactions and were extremely supportive. However, that was not enough for me, because the decision was quite hard at the time. I pulled out a sheet of paper and started writing pros and cons to opening a blog. Even though the list of pros was long, the list of cons was longer and just as I was about to quit, I looked at the list of pros and realized that the first two things on it were 'I would love doing it' and 'It would make me happy'. As I continued going through it, I figured out that I was going to give up on something that I would genuinely enjoy doing because of what someone might think or say of me. That was when I started looking at everything from a completely different perspective and more importantly, I started thinking happy thoughts. The decision was officially made.

Later that day, I sat in front of my laptop and started thinking of the name of the blog. My initial reaction was creating a URL which would consist of my name and something closely related to me. I ended up dropping that aside when I remembered something I had thought of a long time ago. That was something I have dreamed of ever since I was fourteen years old and that was the first time it popped into my head. My dream was to be a chief editor of my own fashion magazine, which would have been called Trend Galore. I figured since I am still very young, this would be the closest thing to having a magazine of my own. The closest thing to sharing my fashion sense, personal style and thoughts with everyone interested.

Through the period of time that I have had this blog, I feel like I have grown and matured so much and I most definitely do not think the same way I did when I first opened it. I now keep all of the bad comments at bay, because I realized it does not matter what people think of me as long as I am happy and I am glad things turned out the way they did.